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Lands and Trails

Parcels are listed first, with longer-distance trails connecting multiple parcels at bottom.

Parcel Town Acreage Trail Miles Difficulty
Asnebumskit Ridge Holden, Paxton 131.5 N/A N/A Link
Bancroft Tower Worcester 11.8 N/A N/A Link
Bovenzi Park Worcester 120.7 N/A N/A Link
Broad Meadow Brook Worcester 437.8 N/A N/A Link
Cascades Worcester, Holden, Paxton 342.0 N/A N/A Link
Cider Mill Worcester 71.3 N/A N/A Link
Coal Mine Brook Worcester 11.9 N/A N/A Link
Coes Reservoir Worcester 24.2 N/A N/A Link
Cookson Field Worcester 23.1 N/A N/A Link
Cook's Pond Worcester 33.0 N/A N/A Link
Crow Hill Worcester 57.5 N/A N/A Link
Difley Family Forest & Ilig Pond Paxton 72 N/A N/A Link
Donker Farm Worcester 48.8 N/A N/A Link
Elmer's Seat Boylston 7.3 N/A N/A Link
Elm Park Worcester 80.0 N/A N/A Link
Green Hill Park Worcester 509.5 N/A N/A Link
Hadwen Arboretum Worcester 27.2 N/A N/A Link
Hadwen Park Worcester 50.1 N/A N/A Link
Kettle Brook Worcester 51.8 N/A N/A Link
Kinneywoods Worcester, Holden 170.4 N/A N/A Link
Moreland Woods Worcester 21.0 N/A N/A Link
Nick's Woods Worcester 64.8 N/A N/A Link
Oak Hill & Waterman Trail Map Holden N/A N/A N/A Link
Parson's Cider Mill & Marois 28 Worcester 43.8 ~ 0.7 Miles Moderate Link
Patch Conservation Area Worcester 59.45 0.6 Miles N/A Link
Perkins Farm Worcester 73.7 N/A N/A Link
Pine Glen West Boylston 1.1 N/A N/A Link
Sherer Trail Worcester 1.2 N/A N/A Link
Sibley Farm/Burncoat Pond Spencer, Leicester 501.9 N/A N/A Link
Southwick Pond Leicester, Paxton 175.4 N/A N/A Link
Tetasset Ridge Worcester 172.6 N/A N/A Link
East Side Trail Worcester N/A 3.44 N/A Link
East-West Trail Worcester N/A About 12 N/A Link
Four Town Greenway Worcester, Leicester, Holden, Paxton N/A 5 N/A Link

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